Matteo Thun

Matteo Thun Private Sauna

The creative approach of Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez to product design is characterized by simplified forms and the use of warm and natural materials. At the root of each project is an   in-depth study of materials, technologies, the market and the client with a view to combining a minimal aesthetic with direct functionality.

The timber strips and slit openings characterises this sauna’s uniquely striking countenance. The sauna is available in hemlock, oak or walnut. The front and the forward portions of the side walls are decked out in ceiling high glass, creating a visual connection with the outside world.

Light fixtures have been integrated seamlessly into the sides of the invitingly broad seating levels. A further light source is fitted behind the ceiling-mounted moulding. That way you see nothing other than a light which warmly embraces the entire space, allowing a deep sense of relaxation. Making the technology invisible is a guiding principle for Matteo Thun. Hence, the heater too is discreetly positioned beneath the seating.