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Salt Pro X


The SaltProX is the first Microsalt device especially for private clients. The SaltProX can be harmoniously integrated in any heating cabin with its modern and timeless design. Thanks to its battery-operated system the machine is extremely flexible and can be used in a number of places. With SaltproX any sauna or infrared cabin can be turned into a salt inhalation room.


038_06_microsalt_benefitsWhat are the benefits of the Microsalt?

Microsalt has several benefits for example if you suffer from hay fever, asthma, Bronchitis or other illnesses the Microsalt can be used to help relieve these illnesses. The SaltProX can also help to prevent the common cold and can help your immune system to fight flu and cold like symptoms.


Dry salt has strong hygroscopic properties and helps to dissolve secretions lodged in the airways. The salt also has anti-inflammatory properties and disinfectant effect.

All types of salt can be used in Microsalt experiences however, only NaCl has been proven to have a positive health effect on the respiratory system. Klafs Salt contains 99.9% of NaCl which is also used in medical environments.


How does the SaltProX work?

You simply heat your cabin to temperatures of 30°C to 50°C and place the SaltProX inside. After pressing the start button the SaltProX will produce salt aerosol. After around 10 minutes the sauna cabin is filled with the optimal dry salt concentration.  You can see on the machine when the salt has reached the optimum concentration as the light will change from orange to blue. After an hour of being on the device will automatically switch off.

The Microsalt SaltProX uses a specially portioned salt stick that contains the optimal dose of dry, high grade salt for each session.

With its invisible grinding technology the micro SaltProX generates a patupaticularly fine salt aerosol of the highest quality.