Automatic Water Dosing

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Automatic Water Dosing

Automatic water dosing is often used in a commercial sauna environment. Automatic water dosing is available to use with commercial dry saunas or Finnish saunas. The automatic water dosing system will get linked to your plumbing so that the sauna stones get water added to them at a set time and a set amount. This keeps the sauna up to a temperature to ensure that the sauna users have a constant temperature in the sauna.

The automatic dosing system can also be used to control the essences so that you may add to your sauna for a constant aromatic sauna. Thanks to the automatic water dosing system, the essence is spread evenly over the sauna rocks to give you the ultimate commercial sauna experience.

The automatic water dosing system can be linked to your touch control panel and you can set what times you are wanting the dosing to occur and how much dosing you would like to be added.

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