Commercial Sauna

You can view a wide range of our commercial saunas in the Gallery of Images below. For more examples of our saunas order a brochure now!

We provide bespoke saunas in a wide range of styles and designs, all made in Germany to the highest standards of build quality available.

Our saunas can include under bench heaters which prevent guests from touching them, made to VDE and European standards so you can be confident that they have been fully tested and proved to meet the continents’ most stringent standards for safety and quality design.

Extra thick walls and ceilings for greater stability and efficiency are standard features of our products, and benches designed for extra strength specifically for the commercial market are the norm for us.

We offer Green options to save energy use in commercial applications via an air quality monitor, and of course we recommend the use of the most suitable materials. Hemlock/Canadian Fir has a distinctive regular narrow grain which is both beautiful and practical, and it has been a popular choice with our discerning customers for decades.

We continue to believe that our products offer the best build quality, practicality and longevity on the market, and we are confident that your guests will see and feel the difference that Klafs facilities provide. Please contact us for a brochure or to talk about your new projects.