Salt Steam Room

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Salt Steam Rooms

The Salt steam room is at a much milder temperature than sauna. The salt steam room is similar to a traditional steam room. However the salt is ground down into minuscule particles. The particles then get pumped into the steam room. This creates a steam room with a variety of health benefits.


Salt steam is believed to give you many health benefits. For example inhaling the steam with salt particles in is believed to help respiratory diseases. Many salt steam room users believe that the salt can help relieve symptoms a number of skin conditions. Some of these include, psoriasis and eczema. As well as skin conditions the salt steam room can help a range of respiratory problems, these  range from the common cold to asthma and allergies. The salt can also help with respiratory problems. This occurs by drawing water into the airways such as the oesophagus. This thins out the mucus which in turn improves the function of cilia. These are tiny hairs in the lungs that help to move mucus out of the lungs. Even for non-sufferers the salt room can provide health benefits such as helping with sleep. By using the salt steam room on a regular basis can lead to ultimate relaxation.