Health Benefits of a Steam Room

What are the health benefits of a Steam Room?

Steam rooms are not only the best way to get the ultimate relaxation but they also come with several health benefits.

The first is that the intensive warmth means that the muscles can relax and joint pain is reduced. They are often used to help people who suffer from arthritis as it helps the joints.

The high humidity also helps the skin as it means that you sweat toxins out. This leaves the skin feeling refreshed and that the skin can look firmer and younger.

The steam can also help to unblock the sinuses and help with congestion. The user would feel instant relief. It is also believed that the steam can help reduce tension and stress leaving you feeling relaxed.

The change from being in the heat then cooling off in a shower or a plunge pool ensures that the body has good blood supply which helps to regulate the body and can even improve the cardiovascular system. This means that in later years you may be at less risk of suffering from a cardiac arrest than if you don’t use a steam room.


How to experience a steam room?

As the steam room is at a much lower temperature than the sauna, this means you can stay in for longer. This gives you time to relax for a longer time whilst still experiencing the same health benefits as a sauna.

It is recommended however, that you should let your body cool down between re-entering. This can be done in a number of ways. Some of these include, a plunge pool, ice fountains and a frigidarium. This allows the body to recover back to the normal temperature before entering the steam room again. If done correctly then you will feel the effects over time.

Health Benefits

Steam Room Health Benefits