Heated Loungers

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Heated Loungers

After leaving the sauna or steam room and taking an icy cold shower to cool down, there is nothing more pleasurable than sitting back and relaxing on a Klafs Heated Lounger.

The Klafs heated lounger is ergonomically shaped to hug the body, and is warmed before you lie down. The warmth of the lounger will make you relax like never before. The heated loungers are available with porcelain stoneware tiles or glass mosaic tiles. There is also a choice of three different bases so you can tailor the lounger to your individual preferences and style of furnishings.

The Klafs heated lounger is ergonomically shaped and molds to your body, and is  heated before you lie down so your relaxation never ends. The top of the lounger is made of cast mineral, with a sturdy, non-porous and low-maintenance surface, which is great for cleaning purposes. Tiled with either glass mosaic tiles or porcelain stoneware tiles the possibilities of design are endless! The sides of the lounger are in alpine white and looks ultra modern.To give the heated loungers a perfect finish there are the option of a neck cushion and LED reading lamp, they are both available upon request.

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