Home Sauna

What is a home sauna?

A home sauna allows you to have your own personal sauna that fits into your home.  It`s a way that you can relax in the comfort of your own home, in a sauna that matches your taste and personality. The sauna you choose is also personal to you and matches your design taste. With most of our spa products at Klafs you can have a huge say in the design of your home spa. For example, we have a wide variety of options such as the interior cladding and exterior cladding, in material such as Canadian Hemlock or Scandinavian Spruce. As well as choosing the benches and lights for the interior. To make the sauna stand out more and have your own touch why not have some added extras such as the sauna stool, mirrors, towel hooks, clothes rails, buckets and door handles to make it your own.
Many of the home saunas that Klafs provide are easily adaptable to fit into whatever space you have, whether it’s a slanted roof or you`re putting it in a basement or in the corner of a room. The easily adaptable floor plans mean that you can choose between a number of different layouts such as a five-sided or four-sided floor plan or a circular floor plan. Klafs will find a way to be able to fit a home sauna into your home.
Home Saunas are easy to use thanks to Klafs innovative technology. Klafs have designed a mobile app for smart phones so that you can switch it on for when you get home. This means that you can be stuck in traffic on the way home or you might be out for a run you can get your sauna up to heat and waiting for when you get home and with the turbo heat technology which is on the Majus heater. Your home sauna can heat up to temperatures of 90 degrees Celsius within 20 minutes.