Infrared Saunas

Infrared Sauna

What is an infrared sauna?

The infrared cabin is normally at the temperature between 32°C to 35°C. Unlike a traditional sauna the infrared sauna uses infrared radiators to heat the body. This is much cooler than a traditional heater. The heat that the infrared cabin produces is much different to a normal sauna. The infrared sauna produces a natural electromagnetic radiation which cannot be seen by the human eye.

A traditional sauna heats the air around you which in time warms the body. However, in the InfraPLUS by Klafs and many other brands of cabin, the infrared radiators heat the body directly without warming the air.

How does it work?

The long wave radiation is absorbed by the upper layers of the skin and is assimilated to where the heat sensitive nerves are situated. This heat is then distributed around the body by the blood vessels.

What are the Health benefits?

The Klafs InfraPLUS works on the back, shoulders and neck to help with various aches and pains such as, painful cramps, joint pain and back pain. The soothing effects of the InfraPLUS also helps to relieve tension throughout these areas.

Some other health benefits include

Detoxification – As the body is sweating it will release toxins through the pores. With an infrared sauna, you can release up to seven times more toxins than in a traditional sauna.

Improved Circulation – As the heat from the infrared radiators heats the body it increases the core body temperature and opens the blood vessels this means that more blood flow can occur and means that the heart is working harder. This means that your circulation can be improved by regular use.

Traditional sauna vs Infrared Sauna

The infrared provides much more mild temperatures than the traditional.

The infrared heats the body directly. A traditional heats the air around you then the air heats the body.

The infrared and traditional sauna experience is different and not similar.




The new S1 also comes with the special seats and radiators. Even if you don’t have enough space for a full size infrared cabin you can still experience the same benefits but in a super sleek and modern cabin specially designed in three sizes so it can fit easily into any house. The S1 InfraPlus cabin comes with either one seat or two seats depending on the size of the cabin you choose.  You can also choose from a range colours as well as the finishes on the outside and the glass. 

Take a look at the infra Plus sauna page here.


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