Outdoor Sauna

Outdoor Sauna

The Röger Velito

The outdoor sauna started in Finland where most saunas where outdoors. This meant that when the user had had enough time they would simply go outside and use the snow to cool down. In modern indoor saunas, they have a range of cooling methods such as a plunge pool or a frigidarium. The outdoor sauna is generally made to be a simple timber cabin. Traditionally the cabin would be heated by a log fire and reached temperatures between 70°C and 105°C. Saunas are the hottest cabin in all the hydro-thermal spa equipment it is advised to use the sauna in conjunction with the cold.

The Velito is made by Röger a Klafs sub-brand. The new outdoor sauna is simple yet striking to look at. With the modern design, it becomes the center piece of the outdoor area.

The timeless traditional design is elegant yet ultra-modern. The cabin is made from stable and durable Douglas fir and the floor is made from solid spruce for a pleasantly warm feel. The top quality of the outdoor cabin means that you will get the best sauna experience possible.

The double insulated ceiling means that the cabin is available for carefree all year use.  So, no matter what the weather the Röger Velito sauna is waiting for you. To make the sauna fit into your garden we offer a wide range of sizes. You can choose your favourite of six sizes and you also have the option of interior panels these are Hemlock or Spruce.

You can also make the Velito personal to you by some outstanding optional extras such as adding the infrared seats or the LED colour light which is integrated into the backrests. These optional extras truly make your sauna stand out.

You know with the long standing, experienced employees that your outdoor sauna cabin will be of the highest standard and will last for years to come.