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Lounge Sauna

In the case of Lounge, building a sauna to the highest standards has involved placing a particular emphasis on the highest possible quality of interior design. For this reason, the only wood we use for the wall cladding is pure and knotless hemlock. Whether used in the generous paneling or in the classic Softline profile, the wood from this Canadian hemlock fir creates an elegant look no other wood can match. The combination of chic and sensible elements has resulted in a sauna which is ready to show you how great it is to work up a sweat.

Your input is required for the external design of the Lounge sauna. You can choose from a range of doors and windows, as well as design the external cladding in line with your own taste. Whether you choose Continuous hemlock panels or classical wooden casing, natural or white varnished spruce, the whole sauna in dark wenge wood or completely in white, with frameless glass fronts straddling the corners there are plenty of decisions to be made. Shelves, storage racks and towel hooks provide you with further opportunities to make an individual mark. As far as the interior is concerned, we have taken these decisions for you. Simple elegance and perfect workmanship are the order of the day here. Benches which seem to float on air. Back rests featuring mitre cut corners. Avant-garde style head rests, made from a single piece of wood.

In the interests of making a sauna the Lounge is an unforgettable experience. There are, for example, the innovative benches, particularly roomy on the mid level. It remains, however, up to you to make your choice from the wide range of useful extras to put the final touches to suit your taste. This cabin may be upgraded with a Sanarium with SaunaPUR and TouchControl control unit. A wide range of additional fittings is also available, backlighting for the back rests can create a whole new atmosphere in the cabin. The Starry Sky will also offer your dream sauna a personal note.