The Klafs Sanarium enables you to choose whichever climate you would like and the Sanarium function will automatically adjust the humidity and temperature to whatever setting you choose.  You can choose your sauna into five different climates for example, A classic Sauna, A warm air bath, A tropical bath or a soft steam bath.

Virtually all of Klafs sauna heaters can benefit from the Klafs Sanarium. From first glance the sauna heater looks no different to a conventional sauna heater. However, it offers an exceptional sauna experience. This was exclusively developed by Klafs.

The humidity in the sauna can also scent the air. With the aroma bowl, you can take relaxation to the next level.

The Majus sauna heater for the Sanarium has an incredible turbo heat function with bespoke design.  At a glance the Majus Sauna heater looks no different to any other conventional heater. It also comes with a detachable aroma cup for filling your sauna with fragrances. This heater will make your sauna a truly unique design.

And that’s not all.

Using a Sanarium on a regular basis helps to improve your cardiovascular system and makes you much less likely to catch a cold.

Overall, the Sanarium was shown to have a positive impact on the immune system. Our largest organ the skin is also grateful for this special beauty treatment.