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Sauna Heater


The Majus sauna heater is very traditional in the sauna heaters looks and design but with a new modern function. This new feature system is the Turbo heat function. By using the turbo heat function, you will be able to heat up your sauna in no time. The Majus can also have the Sanarium feature this feature makes the sauna a much more enjoyable time for a variety of people. The Sanarium function means that the sauna is a little bit more humid and not as dry as a traditional sauna. The Majus heater has a capacity of 60Kg. In other words, this sauna heater isn’t just sophisticated in its design but it is also extremely practical due to the large number of functions there Majus can offer.



The Bonatherm heater is an under bench heating system.  The heater is small in size however it has a huge impact. The sauna heather can hold a capacity of 100Kg of sauna stones. This provide as the ultimate sauna climate. The Bonatherm is conveniently tucked away under the bench to prevent accidental burns from children and adults alike.



For a smaller sauna that isn’t large enough to fit the Majus heater in. We offer a much more compact option. The Pluris is a compact wall mounted heater which blends harmoniously with the surrounding sauna. Although the Pluris is much smaller the Heater contains up to 30Kg of sauna stones.  What all of our saunas have in common is that they are all produced to a very high quality standard to ensure that you have the best possible sauna climate.



The Trumpf heater is found in the Smartsauna. It is very compact although it has an output of 3kw or 6kw. The Trumpf has a double layer of stainless steel which is VDE- certified.