Sauna Lights

Sauna Lights Options

Klafs offer a wide range of sauna lights to make your sauna one of a kind and more personal to you. All you have to do is decide which lights you want in your sauna.


Coloured Light

The different colours of the Coloured light creates a number of different moods for example red symbolises love. Green shows hope and blue is calming. You can choose to set the light to whatever colour you like to create the perfect mood for you. So why not sit back and relax whilst the sauna is light up in the colour of your choice. Why not mix the colours and create the perfect shade.


Coloured Light with lift

On request we can provide the coloured light with lift light that is collagen – forming therefore, creating a skin firming function to provide the ultimate climate.


Starry Sky

The starry sky polar light creates a contemplative starry sky which twinkles from the ceiling to create the ultimate sauna atmosphere that transforms you to a Nordic sky star gazing. The starry sky polar light will make your sauna the ultimate space to relax. Just let your eyes gaze at the intricately placed lights that make up the starry sky.



The Bellaveda light is a floor to ceiling light. The Bellaveda has a range of colours to choose from to create an ambient mood. The Bellaveda creates an interplay of fluid transient colours on the wall of your sauna.



The Olymp wall light is the perfect combination of wood and glass to make a truly bespoke sauna lamp. The Olymp gives of the right amount of light to let you relax and rest your eyes for a perfect sauna session in the comfort of your own home.



The handmade glass Aquaviva light truly shows off the phenomenal interior décor which creates a modern and chic look. The Aquaviva combines sound and light to transform you a mystical forest or by the sea.


Indirect Sunset lighting

The sunset lighting is indirect lighting which is placed in the backrests of the benches to create a whole new relaxation experience.


Luma sauna lamp

The Luma lamp is a great sauna lamp which blends into your sauna producing an indirect light which creates a soothing atmosphere. The Luma light is made from curved wood which is simple and elegant.


Lounge Lamp

The lounge sauna light is a perfect combination of a wooden and glass light. the curved wood is set on a glass back plate to illuminate your sauna whilst still looking bespoke and fitting seamlessly into your sauna.