Touch Control

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Touch Control

Traditional sauna heaters had 2 settings on and off. Why not have a range of setting options by having the touch control added to your Sauna.

The Klafs sauna control panels are packed with state of the art technology such as, phases sequence delays, diagnostic systems and microprocessors. Despite the sophisticated technology the Touch Control panels are much easier to use thanks to the large screen and simple menus. The Touch Control will also let you repeat the last sessions settings for a quick and simple way to use your favourite sauna settings.

This elegant innovation gives the ultimate comfort and convenience for the most sophisticated spa settings we can provide.

The unit doesn’t only regulate the temperature of your sauna but they also control any optional extras you choose to have. Overall there are 12 settings you can choose from for your sauna as well as when selecting a setting the system also tells you the health benefits and information of the sauna setting you have selected.

The touch control is simple to use with an elegant and slim design and has a high-resolution screen. You can also enable a password on the touch control unit to protect the use of the sauna as well.