D12 Vario Onsen

D12 Vario Onsen

The Vario Onsen is a modern take on the traditional Japanese Onsen rooms. These pools used natural hot springs and immersed the bathers in clouds of steam.  The D12 simulates this experience to give the D12 Vario Onsen users the most authentic experience possible.


The D12 Vario offers several health benefits for example:

  • The D12 can help to increase blood circulation around the body.
  • The D12 Vario Onsen also helps to stimulate the metabolic system as well as the cardiovascular system.
  • Whilst you are floating in the warm water your muscles will relieve strain and ease joint pain.


The D12 is extremely versatile and can be use as a steam bath. The expansive shower above the bath offers a hydrothermal shower experience. The shower has three programmes available which combines the use of hot and cold water.

The last feature is one of the most integral parts of using a Hydro-thermal room. The shower is used to cool off as well as getting clean.  Once you have your D12 you wont need a separate shower.