Steam Room Lighting

Steam Room Lighting

At Klafs we offer a wide range of  stream room lighting options to make your steam room unique and high quality to give you the ultimate relaxation. There are several different lights which will allow you to create the perfect mood.

A few of our lighting options are:

starry-skyStarry Sky

The starry sky feature will transform you to a Nordic night star gazing. This creates the most relaxing atmosphere. The starry sky makes your steam session truly relaxing and sets the right amount of light. The starry sky offers a pleasent way of distracting your thoughts and takes you into a galaxy of your own.




under-bench-lightingUnder Bench Lights

The under-bench lights really do show off your sense of style as well as adding a personal touch. Whether it is commercial or private the under-bench lighting is a great way to show off the bespoke design of your steam room. The under-bench lighting truly is a feature to show off. With the option of a range of colours this creates the perfect mood to suit you. The under-bench lighting is a strip off lights that sit just under the edge of the bench this gives you a unique look and style.



spot-lightsSpot Lights

Why not have elegant spot lights placed perfectly into the ceiling or benches of your steam room to truly set the most relaxing mood. These spot lights mean you see every unique detail of the steam room. The spot light are available in a number of different colours. Pick your favourite colour that will compliment your steam room perfectly!




LED-lightingLED Lighting

To give you the ultimate relaxation why not try LED lighting. You can have them placed into the ceiling or under the benches. The LED lights are flexible to be placed anywhere in your room. The lights come in a number of different colours so don’t worry about them not matching you colour scheme. The LED lights means that you get indirect lighting whilst giving the steam room a crisp and bright light.

You can look at our Lighting option page or you can contact us for more information.

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