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Klafs specialise in a number of different saunas and steam rooms for a number of different environments for example klafs supply and install luxury saunas for domestic use. There are a range of different styles and added extras that you can choose from for example a Casena sauna, the brand new retractable S1 Sauna and the Lounge Sauna, plus many more. Here at Klafs we also offer saunas to commercial clients such as at Hotels, Leisure Facilities and Spas. For commercial saunas we offer a range of bespoke designs that will make your sauna like no other you have seen before.

Klafs also provide a wide range of styles of steam rooms from beautiful mosaic tile designs to large format tile styles. The design is sure to design a steam room that will leave you in awe whether it’s a commercial steam room or a private use steam room. With the steam rooms you can also add aroma to enhance the experience and indulge your senses. For example we have a number of different flavours depending on what mood you would like to create. Some of the flavours are eucalyptus, menthol, watermelon, Vics Vapour and mojito. If you would like more information on these flavours contact us for more information.

All of our products are designed and engineered in Germany to the highest of quality. We also like to consider the environment by offering green steam room options to use less power but not compromise on the quality as well as using timbers for the saunas with sustainably sourced timbers. All of our products have high tech features and clever controls that are seamlessly incorporated into the saunas and steam rooms for very personalised bathing environments.

Klafs technical operate nationwide so feel free to contact us with any queries you may have or any projects you would like us to be involved with. Call 0333 305 8567 or email [email protected]







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