Steam Showers

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Steam Showers

Even if you don’t have a lot of room to spare, there is no need to abandon your dream of a steam shower!
By merging a shower and a steam room, you can now have a relaxing steam room experience then cool down with the built-in shower. With a space saving cupboard, there is no need to worry about the vaporiser system this has been cleverly integrated in to the space saving cupboard. The temperature can be adjusted anywhere up to 48° C.

Here are some of steam showers that we offer:

Valley Steam Shower:
The valley steam shower blends in harmoniously with your bathroom. This steam shower can comfortably accommodate two people.
On request the valley steam shower can be fitted with hinged wooden seats and an illuminated recess and rainmaker.
The cabin is constructed of a light weight moisture proof element. The surfaces are tiled with a choice of luxury glass mosaic or beautiful stoneware tiles.

Quadrano steam Shower:
The Quadrano is built with sturdy low maintenance acrylic glass and is available in white.
The Quadrano features a wide, ergonomically, friendly seating area and a luxury hand held shower attachment.
The floor has an integrated drainage system which makes this steam shower ideal for in any home.

Mosaik Steam shower:
With the Mosaik steam shower you can choose whatever colour you would like.
With an illuminated shelf and touchscreen controls, the relaxation never ends.