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Within seconds, a pleasant, cosy feeling envelops your body and your mind begins to let go of everything. Soon, you won’t even notice the rocking movement of the Sway. Instead, the pendulum frequency is cleverly gauged to help your body and mind relax completely. Even though the time is too short for a deep sleep phase, 15-20 minutes is quite sufficient to leave you feeling totally refreshed. You’ll find it easier to concentrate, be more productive, and return to your daily work with renewed energy. No matter what time of day it is.

In order for the lounger to blend harmoniously into the surroundings the sway is available in 6 different colours such as White, Black and coco. The soft textile leather feels good to touch, is extremely durable and and is super easy to maintain and keep clean. The contemporary and timeless design Sway is a very pleasing piece of furniture for your home or your commercial relaxation area.

sway colours
sway colours


Studies conducted by the Fraunhofer society have shown that the pendulum movement of sway enables users to relax considerably faster than on a conventional lounger.

You can now generate new energy quite simply by sleeping, or a power nap.

With the motor and the adjustable feet concealed invisibly beneath the lounger, you not only feel as though you`re floating on air. Due to the generously designed relining area of 1.20m x 2.10m the sway is very inviting.



The high quality and durability of Klafs means you won`t feel good for just 15 minutes but for many years to come!

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