What are Ice Fountains?

What are Ice Fountains?

An ice fountain is commonly found within the commercial surroundings of a spa, hotel or leisure facility. It is for bathers to use after being in a hot hydro-thermal room to help the cooling down process before moving on to the next spa experience. In the bowl, you will find the ice flakes that are constantly being created. This is produced by the machine can be used to rub on the skin to cool you down in between the sessions in the hydro-thermal experience rooms.

Ice FountainssIce Fountains are usually used in conjunction with a heated experience room for example a sauna or steam room.  The combination of the heated experiences and the cooling down process means that the body is brought back down to the normal temperature again slowly before returning to a heated experience room. By using the combination of the heat and then cooling off it is believed to help circulation around the body as well as make you feel refreshed and stress free.

The unusual and modern yet eye catching design will undoubtedly turn heads and make your spa stand out to anyone that uses it. Klafs specialise in bespoke design and can be easily designed to tie in with the spa, hotel or leisure facility interior design.

Klafs have recently released a brand new ice fountain that is completely unique to any other design on the current market.  The new ice machine is called the stalagmite. The Stalagmite ice fountain is not only fascinating to watch but completely mesmerising to watch. The stalagmites ice grows upwards like an upturned icicle compared to the normal flakes dropping down from a tube above a bowl.

Some of the benefits of the ice fountain is that if you place the ice onto your body the coldness can help to increase circulation around the body. The cold can also help to release toxins and is great for building the immune system. This can help you to fight off common colds better than average.  By using the ice on any injuries it is a good way to reduce any swelling and ease aches and pains. The extreme cold on the targeted injury can also help the recovery time to decrease. If you are using the Ice Fountain after doing sport then you will feel a lot of benefits such as if you target the muscles you have been working then the cold can help to reduce the lactic acid in the specific area.

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