What is a Tepidarium?

What is a Tepidarium?

A Tepidarium is much like the caldarium with the room being heated from the walls and floor. Instead of bench seats they have heated individual loungers in them. This gives the user of the Tepidarium an experience of ultimate relaxation whilst being able to have their own personal space to be able to relax in their own way. The Tepidarium loungers are designed so that they slowly heat the body before the spa user moves onto another hotter room. An example of this is seen below. Many people like to spend long sessions in here as the heat isn’t as intense as in some other hydro-thermal experience rooms. For example, a sauna or a steam room. You should allow for 30 minutes in the Tepidarium however, many people stay in for 45 to 60 minutes broken into a number of sessions.




The Tepidarium originated as a Roman style relaxation room with warm loungers placed in the room. This design originated from the roman baths over 2,000 years ago. The room is kept at a constant temperature as this radiates a pleasant and soothing warmth from the walls, floors and seats to create a truly relaxing atmosphere. The temperature in the room is usually between 37°C and 39°C. The humidity is very low, at 20%.

Health Benefits of a Tepidarium

A Tepidarium is very calming and stimulating as well as helping to relive stress. These features makes the Tepidarium the perfect place to rest and recuperate. The Tepidarium helps to accelerate the healing processes and helps to strengthen immune system, especially if you are recovering from a cold or flu. Not only this but it helps the skin and the body relax and as it has a better supply of blood flowing around the body. The metabolism and circulatory system can benefit from this positive effect and help people to feel revitalised and refreshed. If you would like to keep the effect of the Tepidarium going it is recommended to use the relaxation room for three to four hours per week.

Where can you experience a Tepidarium?

You can find many Tepidariums in many spas all over the world. They are growing in popularity for many spa users. This is due to the less harsh climate in the room and the longer periods of time you can spend in them.


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